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kwentong pusa
asexual ba ko??
Ni hindi ko pa alam kung ano ung "asexual" nun pero sabi ng opismate ko baka daw asexual ako haha. sabi ko naman. "ano tingin mo sakin, halaman!?" dinedma ko lang sya nun sabay biglang nagpost ung Elite Daily ng tungkol sa asexuals. nabasa ko tuloy.. tapos para kong naka-relate. haha. ayun.. syempre kinonsulta ko na kay pareng google. Asexuality and sexuality are not black and white; some people identify in the gray (spelled "grey" in some countries) area between them. People who identify as gray-A can include, but are not limited to those who: - do not normally experience sexual attraction, but do experience it sometimes - experience sexual attraction, but a low sex drive - experience sexual attraction and drive, but not strongly enough to want to act on them - people who can enjoy and desire sex, but only under very limited and specific circumstances Iniisip ko swak ako sa GRAY-A eh. o kaya Gray-Romantic: A gray-romantic (grey-romantic) is a person... (more)

Daily Devotion
Afflicted Under Government Laws
Date: Monday, June 29, 2015 Chapters: Psalms 102-104 Message Title: Afflicted Under Government Laws Hello My Friend, I do not like to talk about politics and the government because it quite frankly goes against everything that God stands for anymore. Well, today I am going to come out and say what's on my mind because the decision made in America by the Supreme Court last week is going to cause a deep impact on faithful Christians. The Supreme Court ruled that every state must recognize same sex couples the right to marry and receive the same benefits as a man and woman would. Now, every person has the right to choose the way they live, but now the government is involved and that is what is going to cause problems for churches and businesses who stand by God and His every word. They are going to be picked on, targeted, and condemned for standing by their right to refuse service to anyone opposing this, pointing us out as racists hypocrites, who are discriminating against them. Can... (more)

still here
rekindling the creative fire

Truth in Love
The Homosexual Agenda:
Destroy America!

Link: Homosexual Activist Admits True Purpose of Battle is to Destroy Marriage Source: Illinois Family Institute Author: Micah Clark - 04.06.13 See also: Homosexuality and the Bible ( Even knowing that there are radicals in all movements, doesn’t lessen the startling admission recently by lesbian journalist Masha Gessen. On a radio show she actually admits that homosexual activists are lying about their radical political agenda. She says that they don’t want to access the institution of marriage; they want to radically redefine and eventually eliminate it. Masha Gessen Here is what she recently said on a radio interview: “It’s a no-brainer that (homosexual activists) should have the right to marry, but I also think equally that it’s a no-brainer that the institution of marriage should not exist. …(F)ighting for gay marriage generally involves lying about... (more)

The Process
Secret Societies and Biblical Prophecy -

Secret Societies and Biblical Prophecy Volume 1 The following is an excellent production from a Canadian filmmaker. In this presentation Leonard Ulrich lays out the formation and structure of the major secret societies and how they have been and are in the process of establishing the framework for a New World Order, a 'Golden Age'. Their Process (of engineering and conditioning humanity) is almost complete as evidenced by their continual Revelation of the Method.

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